2020 Black Friday Bundle

2020 Black Friday Bundle

3 unique and innovative cello sample libraries make up our Black Friday Bundle.  All the products we’ve released so far at an incredible discount.

The Cello is performed by cellist Matt Constantine who has played on AAA games, films, Prime time Dramas, documentaries and records while performing at venues from Sydney Opera House to Prospect Park in NYC

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These libraries are made for Kontakt and require a full retail version of Kontakt (minimum version 5.8 to run).  They are not compatible with the free Kontakt Player

Cello Percussion

Cello Percussion

There are many ways to hit, strike, scrape and bang a cello – here are 50 of them including various types of percussion and sound FX created entirely with a cello and bow.  531 samples laid out over 50 keys.

The first in a series of libraries focusing on some of the less well known sounds a cello can maket. If you’re looking to write extended techniques for cello and the sounds or FX you want aren’t in the libraries you have – or if you just want some different percussion sounds to add to your arsenal then this library is for you.

Cello Plectrum

The Sample Library You Never Knew You Wanted.

Cello Plectrum is our latest release and is also currently available on its own with a generous introductory discount.

Inspired by experimental contemporary cellists such as Aaron Minsky and Rushad Eggleston and the string arranging on ‘Burn The Witch’ by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, this library puts the cello played by a guitar plectrum at your fingertips.


With nearly 2000 samples (compressed to 568Mb), Cello Plectrum is chromatically sampled with 8 round robins for natural playability.  Round Robins alternate between Down and Up strokes and can be changed via keyswitch to favour down or up strokes.

The articulations included are a standard cello plectrum sound and a palm muted articulation as well as hammer ons and pull offs which can be enabled with a switch to trigger legato playing.

This is a truly unique sample library of a cello articulation that you can’t find elsewhere.  An essential addition to your DAW template.

Soft False Harmonics

Soft False Harmonics was our debut release to the world.  It’s only a single patch – but what a patch it is.

A single articulation with some false harmonics played on the cello.  Bow noise, which can be loud when playing harmonics – especially high – has been separated from the pitched sound and can be mixed in with the Bow knob.

If Serenity had a sound – it would be this.

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