Cello Percussion

This library takes almost any percussion sound that you could make on the cello and maps 531 samples over 50 keys.


Unique and adaptable

The samples in this collection are the result of years of experimentation by the cellist Matt Constantine whose playing can be heard on the scores of AAA games, Prime time TV shows, films, adverts, and commercial albums.

There are many ways to hit, strike, scrape and bang a cello – here are 50 of them including various types of percussion and sound FX created entirely with a cello and bow.  Nearly all sounds have 4 Round Robins.  531 samples laid out over 50 keys.

This is our first commercial release and also the first in a series focusing on the cello and presenting some of the less well known sounds a cello can make.

If you’re looking to write extended techniques for cello and the sounds or FX you want aren’t in the libraries you have – or if you just want some different percussion sounds to add to your arsenal then this library is for you.

You need to own a full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt (minimum version 5.8) to use the Kontakt library.  A sample pack of 57 dry one shot samples from this library is also included with the download for use outside of Kontakt in any DAW.

531 samples

50 percussion strikes and sound FX

Unique sounds not available elsewhere


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