Soft Harmonics Pad


Natural Harmonics on the cello played softly string by string with creative FX for pad creation.  Requires ownership of a copy of Kontakt Full Retail version 5.8.

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This pad instrument takes natural harmonics on the cello played softly and separates them by string – each string has a channel to itself so that you can use the timbre of an individual string to make your sound or combine them in different ways to create a pad.  A fifth channel holds an infinite harmonic glissando.  The bow noise that can be very audible on string harmonics especially when played high has been painstakingly separated from the main sound of the samples and can be mixed in or out of the sound by use of the knob called ‘Bow’.  This instrument particularly excels when building chords using the tune knob of each channel to set each string to a different note.

To make use of this instrument you need to own a full retail copy of Native Instruments Kontakt (min version 5.8).

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