Cello Plectrum

The Cello as you’ve probably never heard it before in a sample library you never realised you wanted.  The cello played with a plectrum.


A Library Like No Other

The samples in our collections are the result of years of experimentation by the cellist Matt Constantine whose playing can be heard on the scores of AAA games, Prime time TV shows, films, adverts, and commercial albums.

Inspired by experimental contemporary cellists such as Aaron Minsky and Rushad Eggleston and the string arranging on ‘Burn The Witch’ by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, this library puts the cello played by a guitar plectrum at your fingertips.

With nearly 2000 samples (compressed to 568Mb), Cello Plectrum is chromatically sampled with 8 round robins for natural playability.  Round Robins alternate between Down and Up strokes and can be changed via keyswitch to favour down or up strokes.

The articulations included are a standard cello plectrum sound and a palm muted articulation as well as hammer ons and pull offs which can be enabled with the legato switch.

This is a truly unique sample library of a cello articulation that you can’t find elsewhere.  An essential addition to your DAW template.

You need to own a full retail version of Kontakt by Native Instruments at least version 5.8 to use this product.

1992 samples

8 Round Robins Chromatically sampled

Hammer ons, Pull offs, Palm muting


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